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It is difficult to encapsulate 20 years of design experience into a single web page. Shown here is a small selection of work (in loose chronological order with most recent at the top) that I have led or been significantly involved with during my professional career. These projects span physical, digital, and experiential outputs and demonstrate the wide-reaching nature of my design practice. Many of these projects are backed by substantial research efforts and strategic planning (which I also often led) aimed at delivering solutions with targeted precision against business needs and end-user delight.


Industrial Designers Society of America

Executive Creative Direction I Content Management Strategy I Copywriting | User Research | UX & UI

Recognizing the business need for a major upgrade, I initiated an effort to gain Board of Directory buy-in and secure funding for a website redesign project in 2021. Our year-long design process included soliciting feedback from members, conducting a competitive landscape analysis of other design and membership sites, extensive wireframing and content mapping explorations, and a detailed review of usage analytics for 


The result is a fresh new face for with a substantial package of new features, security upgrades, and back-end database integrations. Additionally, we’ve improved mobile device responsiveness, created members-only content areas, and enhanced the overall layout and design. Underpinning it all is a refreshed content management strategy with a streamlined information hierarchy and new navigation system. welcomes over 1.4 million visitors per year. It is responsible for housing nearly six decades of organizational history and serves as a focal point for up-to-date news and information. All this while also serving as a repository for trustworthy institutional knowledge and reference materials related to the professional practice and academic study of industrial design. We migrated, reorganized, and reskined 50+ years of organization history, stories, community events, and industry accolades … over 15,000 pages of content and images in fact. 

Collaborators to thank: Jerry Layne, Johanna Colocho, Sarat Tippaluru, Allan Gordon, Sofya Howard, IDSA Staff, New Target


International Design Conference


Industrial Designers Society of America

Executive Creative Direction & Branding I Content Curation | Attendee Experience | Environmental Graphics & Wayfinding

The International Design Conference is IDSA's biggest annual event. It routinely draws 500+ attendees from around the world for multiple days of presentations, workshops, panel discussions, product demonstrations, and networking. IDC is a platform for amplifying the unique and bold voice of industrial design while celebrating the deep interconnection with other creative disciplines.


Prior to 2018, the event was given a completely new theme and brand identity each year. While that approach has the benefit of keeping things fresh, it lacked the continuity and consistency needed to build an enduring brand. 

Joe Stitzlein, of Stitzlein Studio, was enlisted to create the initial logo and typographic elements of the IDC brand system. The simple, yet bold brand identity, can be revised each year while maintaining several common visual elements from one event to the next. I was responsible for overseeing the overall creative direction and content curation for each event up to 2023.


The 2018 event marked my first as Executive Director of the organization and it was the first outward manifestation of the strategy I put in place to lead IDSA into its next phase of life.

Collaborators to thank: Joe Stitzlein, Carl Guo, Gabrielle Pisani, Kelsey Rerko, Carrie Green, Austin DelGallo, Dragonfly Consultants, IDSA Staff




Contract position

Research I Strategy I Foresight I Creative Direction I Service & Experience Design

EmbraerX is an incubation team inside of Embraer, a global leader in aviation and aircraft manufacturing, charged with developing future-focused ideas and emergent technologies into existence.

I helped a small, cross-functional innovation team (aviation specialists, aircraft engineers, business stakeholders, and designers) explore the future of urban aerial transportation with the goal of creating an eco-friendly, battery powered EVTOL vehicles.


I contributed to the project by leading user research efforts, turning insights into product and business strategy, envisioning future-state services, creative direction, and customer experience design.

User research included a two-week stay in Dubai, UAE to conduct interviews, perform heuristic studies, and experience the culture of this thriving city in the desert.

My contributions to the project culminated with the creation of a series of speculative renderings telling a story about the future service and vehicle which did not yet exist. These were accompanied by a robust research findings report which provided user-driven insights into how (and why) we created what we did and a detailed business case analysis.

Collaborators to thank: Paula Macedo, Flavia Dantas Silva, Rocio Reyes-Morales, Karan Chaitanya Mudgal, Jake Lussier, Noah Lehmann-Haupt, Doug Davidson, Andre Stein, Takashi Kawasaki, David Rottblatt, Gustavo Furlan, Peter Berger





Workshop Facilitation | Activity Planning & Design | Mentoring

I worked with various business groups within the BASF organization to design and facilitate workshops with internal and external stakeholders.

Each session was unique in its mission, duration, and composition. As a result, each had to be custom built to suit the needs of our partners and to garner the best possible results.

The workshops explored a variety of topics including: how to reduce global food waste, bringing customers into the product development cycle, and building internal team alignment over shared goals.

At a high level - this was a project of evangelizing the design process (design thinking) and demonstrating to non-designers, through interactive activities and thought provoking prompts, that they had the power to be creative in their daily work.

Collaborators to thank: Florian Vollmer, Rich Goidel