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Chris Livaudais

I am a multi-disciplinary designer and creative director based in San Francisco, California.


Giving Gravity is about making real what once seemed impossible.

I work at the intersection of a variety of creative disciplines and have led projects for brands of all sizes across a wide spectrum of industries. 

I am most excited when the worlds of product, service, and experience collide to create amazing, human-centered outcomes that are as honest as they are beautiful.

A design generalist with remarkable specialty

Design Competencies




Futures / Speculative


Industrial / Product

Research & Insight



User Experience 

User Interface 

Industries Served



Building & Construction

Consumer Products

Corporate Consulting


Food & Beverage


Methodologies Mastered

Concept Validation

Concept Visualization

Data Visualization

Design For Manufacture


Group Facilitation

Journey Mapping

Narrative & Story

Rapid Prototyping

System Mapping

Qualitative Research


The creative process is messy, generally non-linear, and riddled with unknowns. But we can all solve problems and we can all envision something better.


Piercing through the fuzzy front end into a space of collaborative future thinking takes a strategic approach and an experienced guide.

Helping teams and brands navigate uncertainties

Creative Leadership

Bringing vast depth of experience in guiding cross functional teams of designers, engineers, programmers, corporate stakeholders, and end-users through the design process, I thrive in enabling people to create their best work.

Strategic Vision

With the ability to switch readily between micro-detail or macro-system implementation at any point in the creative process, I can help teams understand how design fits into a larger ecosystem of brand, service, or experience.

Complexity Simplified

Through facilitated workshops or one-on-one sketch sessions with members of my team, I flourish where complicated challenges demand a structured approach and well considered design solutions.

Brands I've worked with include

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