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I help teams build and launch new products and services, improve customer experiences, and navigate creative complexity. 

My focus centers on delivering value at the intersections of design, business, innovation, foresight, and strategy.

Strength in versatility

My approach leverages a deep pool of practical knowledge, gained through 20 years of professional design and leadership experience, in crafting human centered outcomes that resonate with end users and deliver value for organizations.


As a self proclaimed "generalist with remarkable specialty," I have acquired a potent mashup of product, service, and experiential design proficiency blended with proven success in change management and executive-level leadership across a variety of customer touchpoints and business domains.


These individual skill-sets stack, support, and build upon one another to provide a robust foundation for my work as a designer and creative leader.

Navigating the unknown

The creative process is messy, generally non-linear, and riddled with uncertainty. For some, this can be a difficult space to navigate. I, however, thrive here and have dedicated my career towards helping others find comfort within the ambiguity of turning bold visions into reality.


In that pursuit, I have learned how to seamlessly blend methodologies and techniques from many different creative disciplines and business strategies into an agile, yet rigorous, roadmap tailor-made precisely for the challenge at hand. 

I seek to understand core problems, make sense of complexity, and address critical needs through the application of design, empathy, and holistic thinking.

Power of collaboration

Piercing through difficult challenges and delivering insightful solutions requires an experienced guide along the entire project arch. More importantly, it also requires input from a diverse gallery of viewpoints and unique perspectives. We can't create viable solutions if key stakeholders are missing from the discussion. 

I have partnered with organizations of all sizes to shepherd inclusive teams of designers, engineers, programmers, corporate partners, and end-users through the creative process and empower them to accomplish astonishing results.


Design Director, Global Design @ Coca-Cola (Sept 2023-Present)

I am working with a cross-functional global team of designers, marketeers, project managers, and executive leadership to implement a new, design-led approach to creating best-in-class retail experiences around the world. I am based in Atlanta, GA.

Member of the Advisory Council for the School of Industrial and Graphic Design, Auburn University (2024-Present)

Supporting the school in their ongoing efforts to maintain a position of leadership through the provision of industrial and graphic design education excellence.

Advisor to the Board of Directors, The Design Futures Initiative (2019-Present)

Non-profit organization supporting the Speculative Futures community and the annual PRIMER conference.


Executive Director, Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) (2018-2022)

I was charged by the Board of Directors to envision, implement, and manage a multi-year strategic plan that would reinvigorate the membership experience and open new opportunities for future success. 

Senior Design Consultant, EmbraerX (2017)

Working with a cross-functional team exploring the future of urban aerial transportation, I orchestrated and oversaw an international user research program. My findings brought life to service prototypes, rider experience visualizations, and vehicle design direction for what is now Eve Mobility.

Creative Director, InReality (2010-2017)

I lead a cross-disciplinary team of designers, technologies, researchers, and business strategists through the design process to deliver effective solutions for clients including BASF, Bridgestone Tire, Coca-Cola, and Tempur-Pedic.

Industrial & Brand Designer, Hobbs Architectural Fountains (2005-2010)

I developed new water feature products (spray effects, lighting, fittings, etc.) and brand marketing collateral (print and digital) for a wide variety of advanced custom water features and splash pad installations found around the world.


When I am not in the office

Father of two, husband to one

Sandwich connoisseur

Outdoors & snowboarding

Bonsai enthusiast

Guitars & ukuleles

Vintage BMW's

Anonymous street art

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