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Below is a selection of projects I have lead or significantly contributed to as principle creative, creative director, or strategic leader.

You'll see elements of industrial, graphic, UX, UI, experience, and service design woven throughout many of them. 

My approach tends to pull tools and methodologies from many sources based on the needs of the project at hand.



A speculative project that envisions a new service and platform for purchasing home furnishings through the sharing economy.

Markit allows home owners (we call them proprietors) who rent their homes via services like Airbnb to fill their home with furnishings that are for sale to renters who stay in the property. Proprietors receive a commission on the items they sell and renters get to try out the newest home furnishings before they buy them.


Learn more here.

Danze Smartshelf

A blended physical and digital display system that introduces a new experience while shopping for and learning about kitchen and bath fixtures.

An initial research and exploration phase led the design team to select RFID as the basis for a shopping interaction that provides an endless aisle effect within a minimal in-store footprint.

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Exhibition curation, design, fabrication, and installation for the Southeast's leading design museum.

Aesthetically, our goal was to create a space that allowed each of the objects on display (and the human stories behind them) to come to the forefront.  


The use of simple materials was a conscious decision as we didn't want the exhibition elements to overshadow the objects on display.

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Leading a group of construction workers and corporate stakeholders through the design process to envision new futures.

I planned and facilitated a 1.5 design workshop aimed at unearthing new ways that BASF customers could retain, educate, and strengthen their workforce.

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Philz Coffee

A design sprint focused on improving the customer experience of the Bay Area's favorite coffee house.

The challenge was implementing positive changes without disrupting the local and homegrown flair that has made Philz so successful.

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