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A blended physical and digital buying experience for kitchen and bath fixtures.


Uncharted territory

Danze asked InReality to design and implement a new, digitally assisted, way for customers to shop for kitchen and bath fixtures that advances the buying process and delivers a playfull brand experience. 

Main project phases included:

Deep Dive & 

Co-creation Workshops

3D & Experiential Design

Engineering & Implementation

The design team conducted in-store research (observations, interviews, competitor analysis) in special kitchen and bath showrooms. Our findings were combined with research and other data provided by the client at the beginning of the project. We then evaluated and synthesized our findings through facilitated workshops with key project stakeholders. 

Unearthing insights

Crafting a narrative

The creation of visuals that depicted a new and digitally enabled shopping experience. These narratives and simple illustrations were based on ideas generated in the previous phase and combined with new concepts developed by the design team. 

Developing a form

With a selected experience in mind, the team then went about establishing a form and other physical attributes of the display that would best communicate the brand. All while simultaneously ensuring delivery of an exceptional shopping experience. 

Making it real

The design of the display needed to be modular so that it could adapt to the unique requirements of each store it was being placed in. The design team when through several physical prototypes during development which helped us refine the design, assembly, and user experience.

A large touch screen is a central element of the display. The design team created the initial wireframes that illustrated the desired interactions and content strategy. 

Digital experience


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