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With over 15 years of professional design experience, I've been fortunate to work across an array of industries and business sectors.

About me

I lead teams and brands through design and business uncertainties along the entire spectrum of the creative process.

It's not always easy, but someone's got to do it :)



The creative process is messy. It's generally non-linear and riddled with unknowns. But we can all solve problems and we can all envision something better. I've been fortunate to help numerous brands and individuals through the fuzzy front end and into a space of innovation, future-forward thinking, and hands-on realization of ideas.


As the term 'experience' quickly becomes attached ubiquitously to basically anything and everything produced no matter the medium, we must be careful to maintain focus on the people who are always at the center. I'm most excited about design at the intersection of product (digital or physical), service, and holistic experience.


Envisioning what the future holds can be a daunting task, though I find great thrill in the endeavor. Whether it's re-connecting with customers or launching a new product, brand, or service, I've been there to help set the long-term vision and realize a clear pathway forward.


Using traditional and hybrid research methodologies I've been able to help unearth deep insights that provide the foundation for an informed and directed design phase. My approach often incorporates high levels of empathy-building while maintaining an eye on the core goals of the study.


Design, in its many forms, is in my blood. Working through concept ideation and evaluation is a magical step in the creative process. It's been a privilege to have designed objects, environments, services, interactions, experiences, and surprises for brands of all sizes.


Coming up with a winning idea is only half the battle. Experience has given me a unique opportunity to influence projects well past their inception and provide support during engineering, evaluation, rollout, and measurement. It's a long journey, but the reward is worth it!

Outside of the office


I am the current West District Representative. My main duty in this role is to support local chapters across the West Coast and strengthen their ability to provide value for IDSA membership and the design community at large.

Learn more about IDSA here

Atlanta Design Outreach

An industrial design education program I co-founded for high school students looking to learn new skills and do something amazing! Design education through participation.

Learn more about ADO here


I am frequently asked to speak at design related events, sit in on a panel discussion, or participate in student reviews. I enjoy sharing my perspective on design and being involved with the creative community.

View a recent list here


That's my car, but if you want a detailed and exceptionally considered resume at absolutely no cost to you all you need do is ask :)

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